AmberUSA is proud to release...this gorgeous hand-made Larimar pendant, set in a THICK GENUINE Sterling silver bezel!

A RARE gemstone that comes from only one known location, high in the mountains of the Dominican Republic. Being VERY difficult to mine and extract, the stone is formed when hot gases push crystallized minerals up though volcanic ‘tubes’. In order to mine and excavate the stone, miners must identify these tubes and dig deeper and deeper into old volcanoes which is excruciating work. Larimar is considered a healing stone and said to be finely tuned to the human body particularly to the throat area. It is said that it increases speech and communication skills and supports the body’s natural healing process.


Larimar’s beautiful blue color is often considered to embody the beautiful blue colors of the sea and sky found in the Caribbean. Its origin and appearance have made it popularly known as the Caribbean Gem. 

Pendant size is 30mm x 19mm wide by 5mm thick.

RARE LARGE Larimar pendant, set in THICK Sterling silver.

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