A BEAUTIFUL explosion of natural colors.. and frontal hand-polished to enhance the piece's natural shape. Weighs 37.5 grams!

Blue amber is one of the rarest color forms. The blue coloration is mostly visible in incandescent/sunlight, as light spectrum affects what color amber displays to our eyes on it's surface only. Yes, 100% GENUINE amber 23-25 million years old. All natural, no color enhancements or treatments of any kind....Guaranteed! Photos taken under normal LED lighting. 

The blue color of blue amber from the Dominican Republic and Sumatra is caused by UV-stimulated fluorescence. The blue fluorescence color is confined to the surface. There are two reasons for this: (1) UV light can only stimulate the blue fluorescence on the surface of amber, and (2) amber strongly absorbs the blue fluorescence light and does not allow it to penetrate much below the surface. Where a sample is thicker, the cutoff wavelength of the long-wavelength pass spectrum moves to a longer wavelength, and the blue fluorescence can only penetrate a very thin layer of the amber. Thus, the blue fluorescence only appears on the surface, despite the fact that the amber appears translucent and clear when backlit.


RARE LARGE Dominican Blue/Green Amber display piece.

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