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Your source for the finest GENUINE Amber Fossils and the RAREST NATURAL colors.

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At've found amber PRICED RIGHT for the beginning and advanced Collector! We've spanned the globe to bring you the finest amber from locations around the world. Whether you seek the rarest insect specimens...or high-grade jewelry-grade pieces, or even rough, raw amber... we've got you covered. We Also offer the RAREST COLORS of natural, untreated amber in the world!

And BEST OF ALL, WE'RE RIGHT HERE IN THE USA! We're located in  Florida.
Lightning-fast shipping WORLDWIDE and arrival times ...AND a 100% Authenticity Guarantee on all Products. We offer only 100% natural, unheated, untreated and tested Amber. Period. We hope you enjoy your Journey back to a world perfectly...Frozen In Time.

***I'm pleased to announce our new Group Lot PACKAGES!*** All GENUINE Dominican or Cretaceous amber pieces with intact insects...some with multiples, in any amount up to 1000 pcs. LOWEST PRICES on the planet! PROVEN highly profitable at Fossil and Gem Shows nationwide. Loved by Adults and Children alike! Visit the Amber Shop page or contact me personally for details. 


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